Welcome, and thank you for taking time to visit my website, it is potentially your first step to resolving the current issue or issues in your life that you maybe finding challenging or feeling overwhelmed by emotionally.

I combine verbal and non-verbal tactile therapeutic modalities such as Sandplay therapy. Research purports that combining elements of verbal and expressive non-verbal therapies is a powerful combination. Understanding the busy Western lifestyle, I have extended clinic hours to be accessible after school, weekends and after business hours at my Copacabana clinic.

Our world changes every second of each day, we experience many challenges in our environment for example; confrontation, illness, grief, addiction, loss, anger, divorce, trauma, sadness, depression and abuse. We feel overwhelmed, left out or being the minority within our group or environment. Many times we may feel misunderstood and ‘’not heard’’ by others.

Tereza Johnson

No one escapes these feelings and emotions that come with life’s journey. You may be currently challenged by one or more of these experiences and emotions in your life, I encourage you to contact me at a time that suits you to discuss your situation so that I can offer you support providing you with the tools, new skills and understanding which can help you achieve the change you need at this time in your life.

I understand how important it is to be heard and understood, without judgement, in a safe, professional and private environment. Together we can cultivate understanding, self confidence and strength around the challenges you are experiencing. Together we can create change and reconnect to your inner journey leading to peace around your outer circumstances.

I look forward to meeting you in a professional, supportive, non-judgemental, private environment, creating the changes you need to support you at this time in your life.